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Portfolio 2019

8 years in the Video Games Industry

2010 - 2012 : Kylotonn Games

Kylotonn was my first experience in the video games industry. After a successful internship, I was hired and worked on 7 games as a 3D Animator.
In particular, The Cursed Crusade, on which I processed and edited motion capture files to create all the gameplay and cinematics animations of the game. And Hunter's Trophy 2, on which I had to skin, rig and animate various and different animals.

2012 - 2017 : Nadeo Ubisoft

I started working at Nadeo as a 3D animator, in order to replace and finish the work of their previous animator on Shootmania and participate in tests with other ubisoft studios on new characters.
As there was no longer a need for animation work, I have been trained to do environment art. I've built thousands of "blocks" on both Trackmania and Shootmania franchises. Such blocks require doing concepts, rough 3D layouts, modeling, texturing, optimizing, level design and intergration to the engine.
I also had the chance to do community management with the Maniaplanet community. And to be lead artist on a new production in order to introduce and train new members to our pipeline and workflow.

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